Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Carls Jr Jim Beam Burger Review

Finally caved in and bought a Carls Jr. Six Dollar Burger mostly because I had a coupon for BOGO. Apparently you have options at CJ when you buy a burger. You can get a regular version, double patty, or a Six Dollar which means the use Angus beef. The coupon is not a buy one get one of equal or lesser value, rather it is buy one and get the cheapest version free.
I was under the illusion that if I bought a Six Dollar I would get another Six Dollar for free, but no they gave me the regular version. The only person I should blame is myself, it may have said that on the coupon.
Six Dollar Burger
This is the Six Dollar burger and it was how much? Guess.
Base price $5.49                                Tax Price $6.12
The whole premise of these burgers was supposed to be that you get a restaurant quality six dollar burger for less than 6 bucks. Oh Well.
Regular Jim Beam Burger
When I first opened both burgers I couldn’t see a difference. They are both the same circumference and appear to have the same amount of fixings.Both Burgers are dressed in Jim Beam BBQ sauce, French fried onions, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. Both burgers appeared to have the same sesame seed bun.
Both burgers only contained one piece of bacon. Call me stingy, but they could've put 2 slices of bacon on the Six Dollar version.

Regular version on left
Six Dollar version on right

When cut in half you can more clearly see the difference in the 2 burgers. The Six Dollar version has a thicker patty and was dressed with more crispy onions. The bun on the premium version is also a bit thicker. They put 2 tomato slices on the quality version, whereas the regular version only got 1. Also the Six Dollar burger had 2 slices of cheese and regular had 1.

The Six Dollar version does have the better tasting Angus beef and with the thicker patty was a better burger. The bun on the premium version was good and sturdy, but still fluffy to the bite. Must mention that the thickness of the bun may be attributed to extra yeast, noticed a more yeasty flavor in that bun than the regular bun.
In both burgers you are overwhelmed with the Jim Beam BBQ sauce. Very sweet and a bit spicy. The spice was mellow; you can taste it and get a slight sting to the lip, however it won’t put off those who don’t prefer spicy. The spice is very mild. Not a hint of bourbon was detected in the sauce. My guess is that they put in a teaspoon per 40oz.
The only things you can really taste in the burger are bread, meat, sauce, and onions. Everything else cancels out to the onion and sauce. I write this more than four hours after and am still burping up onion flavor.
Overall I did really like the burger, but I would just make it again on my own and alter the portion of dressing.                                                                    
4 out of 5

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