Monday, August 19, 2013

What I Want to do For My 30th Birthday

1. I want a Minnie Mouse cake like this:

or this
Have to make the cake myself so my skills will be lacking, but this I can pull off.

2. A bottle of perfume as a present. I don't actually have any money so I need this to be gifted and why not get at least one present.
This Smells really nice.
I really want a Dali perfume
3. Buy a pair of cowboy boots. I have wanted cowboy boots forever and this is the main thing. Number one and if I can't make this happen then I will just be depressed and miserable for the rest of the year.
Gonna need at least $200 to get a decent pair but the ones I really want cost upward $700.
4. Then there is the easy stuff. 
  • Go to a movie (I have free tickets)
  • Get my eyebrows waxed for free
  • Free ice cream
  • Free sushi
  • Free Chili dog
  • Sephora Beauty Insider gift
Can't I just have at least one day to be selfish and celebrate? I have not had a birthday since I turned one year old.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Slow Surrender Book Review

Slow SurrenderSlow Surrender by Cecilia Tan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads.
Karina the art student who lives in New York fills in for another waitress and meets mysterious patron who asks her to play a game and the game gets more sexual as she indulges him. She eventually finds herself drawn into his lifestyle and in indulging his desires. Like most of our heroines she falls in love with the guy.
Karina is a boring yet crazy gal. She lives a most mundane existence but completely falls for the first perv to seduce her. I will give credit to our seducer, in the beginning he had some very unique games and there is a great build up. Although he has some technique our male protagonist is not that desirable to me as a reader and I don’t feel that Karina is desirable either. For me it was like hearing about my two average looking neighbor’s sex-capades.
This book wasn’t sex, sex, sex like so many other erotica is. The story was good if just a bit unbelievable, but hey it’s fantasy. We got a lot of foreplay and it ends fun but with the reader craving more.

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