Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things That Bother Me

  • People who have multiples in their Pinterest boards. Do you never go back and look at them? Why bother?
  • Beauty bloggers/vloggers/gurus who only do swatches on their hands. How it looks on your hand and how it looks on your face are two different things,
  • People who spend a boatload of money on sunglasses. Expensive sunglasses are the same shit quality as cheap ones, but hey whatever idiot.
  • You-tubers who complain about editing, video quality.... Hey. you're getting paid and if you can't do it right, quit or shut up.
  • Cyber-bullies.
  • Children at CicLAvia. NO!
  • People who eat the food they have yet to pay for at the grocery.
  • Old ladies at the grocery. There is something wrong with them.

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