Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Playing With Cheap Makeup

Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks
Kleancolor Femme Lipsticks
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Great on its own, just not a good color on me.
As evidenced a lot of bleeding on me, needs a liner. Base not necessary.
The  most standard color of the bunch and does well without a base.

Probably the best for daily wear, was surprised at how much better it looked with a base.

It looks very nice. My favorite color of the group, but moves around a lot. Not for daily wear.
The worst of the bunch. This was a hard one to transfer to the lip and very shifty. Such a shame.
The biggest letdown. This was my most anticipated color and it is a very sheer wash and not build-able. Also the tube broke when applying.
Good stand alone with no base.
Another one that works great without a base.

Very nice color, but I foud this to move a bit. Easily a fave color, but not the best of collection.
Not the best on it's own, but better than some of the others. Very nice color.
Very nice on it's own.

I was shocked at how good they were. After watching some reviews/videos on them, I was up for a letdown. As a base I just used concealer which altered the color somewhat but also made it more vivid. A lip-liner or eyeliner base may be best.
Without Base
With Base

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