Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rumors By Stephanie Abrams Book Review

RumorsRumors by Stephanie Abrams
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Are the rumors true or do they just cause more trouble than there worth? On Long Island NY, Jewish congregants gather weekly for temple and the “T”. A group of privileged individuals who are committed more to weekly juicing than the Shabbat. So the rumor mill swirls and people get hurt feelings. The book started off so great with this shady company and a man that deals in dead bodies. I thought I was being set up for a crime thriller, but that all wanes away. What we get left with is a philandering wife, an old bitty Jewish committee, the oppressed black family, the dimwit newlyweds, and a still mysterious company. Now there are other things also, but none of them really interesting and not worth mentioning. Everything in this was very vanilla and filled with milk. There was so many bland descriptions used to plump up the book and none of it was relevant.
As a reader I wanted more Frank and Maisy, Dugan, Sylvie, and that Herb guy. That is your foundation and what kept me going. Melanie, just throw her away. Sweet, do-gooder Melanie who just gets swept up into the “drama”. Who cares? This wasn’t awful and for someone who likes a soft read (not me), this will be your Gone Girl. This book was soft. So supple and plain, it was downright boring. The books needs sex, violence, deceit, scandal (real scandal), crime and a hero.

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