Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Things to do Before 30

So I am in my final leg of 20's. I am very unaccomplished, a procrastinator, pessimistic, poor, low self esteem, unfocused person. I gave my list of 30 very low standards which still seem difficult to fulfill, at least to my caliber. Here goes...

  1.             Go on a road trip. 
    2.       Primitive camping in Vermont (goes with 1.)
    3.       Visit somewhere overseas.
    4.       Gamble.
    5.       Audition for a game show.
    6.       Host a party.
    7.       Move out of my parents.
    8.       Learn to play an instrument.
    9.       Learn a new language.
    10.   Lose all my weight.
    11.   Go hunting/fishing.
    12.   Make a steamer trunk.
    13.   Master Revit.
    14.   Dance the Sevillanas.
    15.   Dress like a cowgirl.
    16.   Live sketch at the zoo.
    17.   Make a professional looking blog.
    18.   Have long curly hair.
    19.   Feel like I am in control.
    20.   Drink absinthe properly.
    21.   Make a completely from scratch fruit pie. Pick the fruit, grind the flour, yadda yadda.
    22.   Sew a period piece.
    23.   Catch snowflakes on my tongue.
    24.   Take my father to a Lakers game.
    25.   Do a performance in public.
    26.   Get health insurance.
    27.   Learn to knit/crochet.
    28.   Compete in County Fair
    29.   Cosplay.
    30.   Maintain a blog.

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